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Custom Work


Custom Longarm Quilt - Quiliting Service - Alaska


These keepsake heirloom quilts are a special and personalized way to preserve treasured memories, celebrate a milestone or give as a special gift. There are so many occasions in life, these quilts could be used as a way to wrap others or yourself in life's precious memories! 

Quilt Prices: 

Adult Clothes 
Lap: Approximately 14-18 squares - $300+
Twin: Approximately 24 squares - $400+
Queen: Approximately 42-50 squares - $700+

Child/Baby Clothes
Crib: $170+
Lap/throw: $300+
Twin: $400+
Queen: $700+

Most t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, dresses, uniforms and pajamas can be used. If you have a material question, please ask! If you don't have enough clothes I can supplement fabric into your quilt. Every custom order is unique; these sizes and prices are subject to change. 


A bear to hold or display is such a special way to keep memories. 
Bear measures 18 inches tall. 
*Materials that can be used: shirts, onesies, flannel, jeans, slacks, dresses, thin blankets or sweatshirts. 
Please send clean garments. 
 I will return any unused material but no scraps unless requested.
Baby items: 6-8 pieces for one bear. (Depending if they are sleepers or onesies)
Child items: 4-6 pieces for one bear. 
Adult items: one large long sleeve men's shirt or 2 large long sleeve female shirts for one bear. 
(If you don't have enough clothing items I can add coordinating fabric)
Price: $75 

While it was made to be durable, this is a hand-finished item. Always use adult supervision when your little one plays with the bear. (Buttons are a choking hazard)

Alaska Quilting Service - Custom Made - Gift

I am humbled that you are entrusting me with your treasure and I will treat it with the care it deserves. I look forward to working with you!